We are honored to receive your application to be part of the International Organization Development Association (IODA) conference to be held in Chile, South America on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November in Viña del Mar.

After a space of 15 years, the International Organization Development Association Conference is returning to Chile.

The theme this year is: “Inclusion & Diversity: A Journey towards Building Trust.”.

Amongst our goals for the conference,we hope to create a space of experience, sharing, reflection and action related to the themes of the conference. Through methodologies, tools, case presentations and inspirational talks we hope that all our participants will leave enriched and challenged by living the IODA experience here in Chile.

We hope that our collaborators will connect, encourage and motivate the audience to explore new spaces of learning and aspire to create new actions to encompass inclusion, diversity and trust wherever they are in the World.

Please note that, in line with the ethos and principles of IODA, all collaborators are expected to register, pay for and attend the full conference. We kindly ask collaborators to refrain from dropping-in if they are not part of the full conference.

Why do we ask for Collaborators rather than Presenters?

The conference design supports mutual learning and equal participation, through different, shifting and shared roles from everyone participating. Collaboration implies co-creation and participative ways of sharing experience, theory and questions rather than providing sanitised “solutions” and absolute truths.

summary of Activities

We are looking for participants to facilitate the following activities. Click on the day below for more information.

White Table Talk facilitators. (30 Spaces)

10 people (Max)

60 mins

Share a methodology / research or experience of inclusion.
Inclusion Experience Facilitators. (6 Spaces )

50 people ( max)

90 mins

Applicants will be asked to share a CASE STUDY of their own company, NGO, Government or Consultancy Practice on how the culture shifted regarding inclusion.
Facilitators for visits to
(10-12 Spaces)
Group of 25 people approximately visiting a local organization.
(4 hours)​

Part 1: Accompany participants to
an organization.
(3 hours)

Part 2: On return, facilitate a sharing of the experience.
(1 hour)




Large Group Facilitators. (6 Spaces)

 50 people (Max)

(2 hrs.)

We are looking for experienced professionals; facilitators who can share alternative methodologies to create a conscious learning experience related to the theme of Trust. We invite applicants with the experience of working in organizations to facilitate an experience using any of the following techniques or others: Dance, Mime, Music, yoga, Improv Theatre and so on. 

Requirements for Collaborators

We are calling applicants from a wide area of experience from OD practitioners, experienced facilitators, and representatives from organizations, education, businesses, and charities.

We would ask that applicants comply with the following:

  • Accept the conditions and norms of the IODA declaration.
  • Complete the Application Form Call for Papers.
  • Complete the Application Form and send before the date indicated below.

Requirements for Papers

  • The workshop should be aligned to the topic and content description.
  • The workshop should consider methodologies for adult learning or generation of consciousness.
  • Each application should include a clear plan and description of the workshop including methodology, models or experience that he / she will use according to the workshop topic that he / she is applying to facilitate. (e.g. Inclusion, Diversity or Trust)
  • Respect the time allocated for each workshop.
  • Applicants will be required to use the conferences templates for their presentations.
  • Chilean or Spanish speaking applicants may apply in Spanish.
  • Although this is seen as an excellent opportunity for professional visibility this should not be seen as direct form for personal sales and or marketing.

Benefits for Collaborators

Collaborators have the possibility to:

  • Participate in the International IODA conference.
  • Be visible to a Global audience of professionals.
  • Expand and share knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Generate new contacts and professional relationships before during and after the conference.
  • Be part of a select group of prestigious national and international facilitators.

Special Considerations

  • There is no cost to submit a proposal.
  • It is important that the applicant indicate clearly the workshop that they are applying to facilitate.
  • Applicants can apply for only one workshop.
  • The applicant will be responsible for all material necessary for their presentation including back up information for presentations using PowerPoint.
  • The deadline for the reception of applications is: May 31st 2019
  • Application forms that arrive after this date will not be included in the evaluation process.
  • Acceptance of papers will be communicated to the successful applicants by 1st of July.

Evaluation Criteria

A team of volunteer experts in OD will review each application carefully, using a pre-designed evaluation form.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applications.
Evaluators will review all assigned submissions based on the following criteria with
score of 1 – 5 (1 = low and 5 = high). The evaluation will cover three Areas: Topic, Abstract and Design


Applicability– Relevance to global attendees and relatable/transferable to attendee’s work

Importance: Importance in today’s global environment

Relevance: Relevance to the established conference themes (Inclusion and Diversity: A journey towards building Trust.)


Clear Purpose: Does the abstract and said learning outcomes serve to support, define, and convey the purpose of the presentation?

Informative: Does the abstract provide sufficient information to the reader to allow the reader to determine if the presentation matches with their educational needs?


Experiential : Is there information about the experiential activities and interaction in the design?

Innovative: Does the presentation provide a fresh perspective, an innovative point of view, and/or leading edge info and research?  Does it provide new insights that build on to an existing best practice?

Inspiring: Are you left saying “I think some attendees are REALLY going to love this!”