November 7th, 8th & 9th, 2019. Viña Del Mar, Chile



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IODA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE is an annual gathering of Organizational Development professionals which offers participants the opportunity to become involved in multi-cultural interactions, in order to explore new thinking, to engage with different communities and to enjoy new learning opportunities.

This year’s event “Inclusion & Diversity: A Journey towards building Trust” will include international keynote speakers, experts in the field of inclusion, diversity and trust, facilitators on agile tools and collective intelligence activities.

This is a possibility for professionals who want to impact organizational cultures and their practices to expand their horizons beyond local realities by taking their skillset to another level.


We believe that change inevitably goes through the professionals who unleash their potential which contribute to the development of communities and organizations and finally cultures in their entirety.

Our purpose for this conference is to inspire, develop and encourage all participants to believe that inclusion, acceptance of diversity and trust can be part of any organization anywhere in the world.

Together during this conference we will create an environment of shared learning, exploration, connection and awareness to equip all the professionals present to become catalysts for the changes that are necessary in our organizations.


Professionals are invited from all areas of Organizational Development: Consulting, Capacity Building, Human Resources, Change Management, Community Building and similar disciplines.

We invite all those who are passionate about connecting with a Global Community to share knowledge and enhance better practices in an environment of equality and respect for all cultures.

If you want a Global Perspective on OD and an opportunity to share ideas and co-create with others, this conference is for you.

Conference Program


Nov. 7th, 2019

Welcome to our first day and our topic Inclusion. We will explore the topic through keynote speakers’ presentations, experts in the area of inclusion, discussion groups, and group intelligence methodology. We hope that participants will come away with clear ideas about how we can value everyone, give equal access and opportunity to everyone, and remove discrimination and other barriers to include everyone.

Inclusion is the attitude, tendency or policy of integrating all people in society, with the aim that they can participate and contribute to it and benefit in this process. Today is the day that we have the opportunity to share our dreams for a more inclusive society and begin to encourage each of us to take the steps necessary to generate more inclusive communities throughout our world.


Nov. 8th, 2019

The second day of our conference aims at touching a nerve with our openness and acceptance of the different. Diversity has become the rule not the exception when it comes to organizing teams, re designing structures and collaborating from a divergent point into a convergent one based on collective intelligence practices.

In Today’s Chile as well as in several countries in the world, people are standing on opposite trenches on political views, educational development, race inclusion and organizational practices which represent the culture of a company. This day will challenge us to go beyond our differences and work our way towards building a solid base for trust.


Nov. 9th, 2019

Trust is one of the factors that determines the performance of people in organizations. A real indicator of leadership is the presence of trust since it suggests a suspension, at least temporarily, of uncertainty regarding the actions of others. When someone trusts another, he believes that he can predict his actions and behavior. In the field of social sciences, trust is very important for those who study and manage organizations. To date, multiple perspectives are offered to improve our understanding of the nature of trust relationships; the debate is intense and refers to the importance of trust as the cause, effect or interaction.

Our aim for today is to be able to explore together our opportunities and capacities to develop and expand our ability to generate relationships of trust in an era challenged by issues of inclusion and diversity.

Christopher Gross
Emotional Intelligence Coach, Trainer
Lakshmi Devi
GRD Institute of Management


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Inspirational Speakers

Prof. Philippe Rosinski

Expert on Cultural Diversity

Christer Windelov

Inclusive Teams Expert

Carolina García Berguecio

Influential Women 2019 Winner

Cristian García Huidobro

Inspirational Speaker

Karen David

IODA World Ambassador
USA, Canada

Fernando Arab

Under Secretary of Labour
Chilean Government

Inclusion, Diversity & Trust


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Viña del Mar, City

Useful Information


Claudia Raffo

“Claudia, as a business coach and organizational consultant, has developed individual [...]

Verónica Frick

Verónica is a seasoned OD professional from Chile. She has a vast experience as a [...]

Junes Hamed

Junes supports people and companies in generating high-impact processes associated [...]

Fiona Fraser

Fiona’s passion is coaching leaders and teams to get from where they are to where they [...]

Sandra Machado

Sandra is an audiovisual specialist with a diploma in Organizational Coaching. [...]

Sergio Lehuede

Sergio is an expert on competencies models, training, coaching and Organizational [...]

“History is a process of transformation through conversation. In our efforts to produce change, we often forget how important it is to pay attention to what is being conversed.”

Humberto Maturana


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Christer Windelov

We are very excited to welcome  Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius who will be present with us through out the full conference. He is one of our Inspirational Speakers who will be “Telling his story of Diversity”  from his vast work expeirence and extensive travels.

Christer is the Principal and CEO of Kaospilot. He has led the development for the last 10+ years towards being an internationally acclaimed and strong educational institution within the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Throughout the last 20+ years, he has obtained extensive experience within design and leadership for organizational vitality and business success,  strategy- and innovational processes. 

Christer serves on different boards and in think tanks. He contributes regularly with articles in nthe media and has given speeches and worked in more than 25 countries, 

He holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt in Scotland and a PhD fromTilburg University in The Netherlands in the intersection of innovation, leadership and strategy. 

See, – for more information

Philippe Rosinski

Prof. Philippe Rosinski is a world authority in executive coaching, team coaching, and global leadership development. He helps leaders, teams and organizations deploy their multifaceted potential to achieve sustainable performance and meaningful success.

The author of “Coaching Across Cultures” and “Global Coaching”, Philippe has pioneered a global approach to leadership and coaching that leverages multiple perspectives for greater creativity, impact, fulfilment and purpose.

Philippe is based in Belgium but enjoys working with clients and partners internationally. He is a professor at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business in Tokyo and is regularly invited in other academic institutions.

The first European to have been designated Master Certified Coach by the ICF, he holds a Master of Science degree from Stanford University.

Find out more by visiting and

His theme for this conference is:

How to foster inclusion and leverage diversity

Cultural differences of all kinds are often a source of misunderstandings and frustrations. In this keynote session, Philippe Rosinski will show how we can improve our creativity and impact by treating cultural differences as a source of richness and as an opportunity to go beyond current cultural limitations. You will learn about a broad, inclusive and dynamic concept of culture that contrasts with the traditional static and binary view (which tends to perpetuate limiting stereotypes).

You will experience firsthand the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment, a roadmap and assessment tool to navigate the cultural terrain. You will discover how the COF can be used to promote individual, team, organizational and societal development.

Philippe will share lessons from his international experience of helping individuals, teams and organizations leverage their diversity. You will also have a chance to raise your own individual and collective cultural awareness, as well as discover how to broaden your cultural repertoire. 

We can all play a part in promoting a more inclusive world and in building unity in diversity, but the journey starts with ourselves.

Carolina García Berguecio

Through the last 20 years of her career, she has specialized in change management, and organizational management, leading leaders to achieve results and increase team engagement. She is a partner in Altaira Consultores, dedicated to organizational management and Coaching. Today she is a Specialist Trainer for BHP Billiton in the Integrated Operations Centre for the remotely controlled operations of BHP. Working to comply with strategy and promises to the stakeholders.

Carolina is President of ICF, International Coaches Federation, chapter of Chile. Coaching came to Carolina’s life by accident. A few years ago, she suffered a car accident that left her with a disability and in a wheelchair. Her life changed in 1 second and now she lives “disability in first person” Looking for a reinvention, and reconstruction, she found Coaching without knowing that in it, she would find her passion and purpose.

Carolina is President of Fundación Comunidad Inclusiva, a foundation dedicated to diversity and inclusion projects. Working to make Chile a more just country and showing that diversity creates value.

Carolina has participated in female entrepreneurship and innovation programs, being a finalist in the HER Global Impact  / Singularity University 2018 program. Winner of the Mujeres Influyentes 2019 award for her inspiration in Diversity and inclusion issues.

Carolina is an Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile. She has a number of certifications and specialization in Human behaviour and Coaching,  such as ontological coaching, Mentor coach and advanced coaching skills. She is a mentor in female leadership programs and has been a mentor in different coaching programs.

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There are two airport bus companies: Centropuerto and Turbus. You can take either to Pajaritos Station (20 minute). There’s frequent coach bus service between Santiago and Viña. Numerous operators, abundant seating, about a 90 minute ride for approx. 10 usd one way (until 22:00 pm). The 2 main lines that travel to Viña del Mar are Turbus and Pullman Bus.
The bus will drop you at Viña del Mar Station, which is 4 blocks east of The Hotel Ohiggins and the Plaza de Armas (Central Square). Taxis are available at this point also.

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Claudia Raffo

International Organizational Consultant, Facilitator & Innovator
“Claudia, as a business coach and organizational consultant, has developed individual projects with CEO’s and their committee members to establish trust and collaboration along the lines of their strategic planning, new defined culture and values. Given her working background and close relationship with the business world, she is very familiar with the needs and realities of multinationals as well as local businesses.
Claudia believes volunteering is a way of giving back to a community of professionals that vibrate under the same values and purpose.”

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Verónica Frick

“Verónica is a seasoned OD professional from Chile. She has a vast experience as a psychologist and OD consultant. She has mostly specialized on recruitment and leadership. She holds an MA on OD from University Diego Portales, a diploma on Positive Psychology from University Alberto Hurtado and was a member of the organizing team of the 2018 Regional OD Congress held in Chile.”

Junes Hamed

Organizational Consultant and Business Developer.
“Junes supports people and companies in generating high-impact processes associated with transformation challenges, accompanying them in the search for high performance, efficiency and well-being. He worked for more than 20 years as a manager in several companies.”

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Fiona Ann Fraser

Executive Coach and Facilitator on Organizational Development.
“Fiona’s passion is coaching leaders and teams to get from where they are to where they want to be. Creating conversations that build trust and create environments where clients can develop and co-create. She has worked for national and international companies and also has an extensive experience working with charitable organizations and Humanitarian Coaching Projects in Chile and Latin America.”

Sandra Machado

Sandra is an audiovisual specialist with a diploma in Organizational Coaching. Part of her professional life has been linked to graphic arts, something that she still makes time for to this day.  She is also involved in a number of voluntary projects and has recently been involved  in the creation of  self-care workshops for women living in rural areas who are heads of their family. She often offers support to the organization of  health service conferences.

Sergio Lehuede

Business Coach & HR Consultant
“Sergio is an expert on competencies models, training, coaching and Organizational Development as a key partner with Human Resources units. He studied Political sciences and History and holds an MA on People Management and a diploma on corporate Government and on executive Coaching.”

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